The Culture of Delta Electrical Construction, Inc. is embodied in our Mission Statement:

  At Delta Electrical Construction, Inc. our mission is  to  provide the highest quality commercial
and industrial service  and  installation available.  This service is provided by our team of highly skilled professionals.
     Professionalism means providing clients with the      following:
  • Complete and All-Inclusive Job Bids
  • Timely Job Cost Estimates
  • Expertise to Minimize Change Orders
  • Safety and Drug Testing to Ensure Job Safety
  • Dependable and Consistent Quality Work

  The staff at Delta Electrical Construction, Inc. is comprised of hard working individuals with a strong commitment to the company and their co-workers. This commitment stems from a working relationship that spans many years. This long term relationship enables our crew to work together in a cohesive and proficient manner. Another reason the team is so effective is due to the high level of mutual trust that exists at Delta. This trust is extremely important when working on energized equipment. Each team member possesses an exceptional amount of training, education, mechanical ability, and talent. This competence and experience allows us to work as a team on all aspects of a construction project.

  We realize that every project is a team effort, and Delta's team performance is outstanding. We have long standing relationships with several architects, engineers, and general contractors. This alliance among professionals allows us to complete jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

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